Our Family Story of Leo's

In 1941, at a small Redondo Beach cafe, Leo Presiado was introduced to a lovely young widow named Josephine. Little did he know they would soon marry and Josephine would encourage him to open a small Mexican restaurant known as Leo's Mexican Food. The original Leo's was built entirely by Leo himself and was located in Lawndale at 167th and Inglewood Avenue, only seven blocks from the present location. In May 1948, the building was completed and Leo was anxious to share his wife's cooking. Leo's restaurant experience and Josephine's authentic family recipes were a successful combination. Together, the couple established a thriving business serving the local community. In 1957, tragedy struck the Presiado family as Leo passed away. Josephine was left to raise two young children, Lionel and Ruben, in addition to maintaining the family business. With the help of her two older children, Maria and Ricardo, she was able to manage.

In late 1967, Leo's oldest son Lionel, and his compadre, Chito, took over the restaurant and gave Josephine a chance to retire. Making virtually no changes to the way in which the food was prepared, the restaurant continued to grow and serve Josephine's recipes to perfection. in 1976, Lionel moved the restaurant to it's present location to accommodate growing business. Just as his father had done before him, Lionel built the existing restaurant himself. Today Leo's can boast that it is the oldest family operated restaurant in the South Bay area.

Leo's Mexican Food would like to thank it's customers for four generations of continued support!